Saturday, 5 May 2012

English shops in Osaka / 大阪にあるイギリスの店

In this post I will constantly update information about English shops in Osaka.
I hope to add as much information as possible about authentic English shops in Osaka.
I am sorry for those fake shops offering Japanese curry and other Japanese dishes as if they are English shops, I will not be adding you.



London Tea Room Oxford Club - Kitashinchi ロンドン・ティールーム  堂島本店・阪急百貨店メンズ館店・阪急百貨店メンズ館アンネクス店
London Tea Room Hep - Umeda ロンドン・ティールーム 
Kitahama Retro 北浜レトロ
Sherlock Holmes Pub - Kitashinchi 英国パブ シャーロックホームズ
Brighton Bell
Honeysuckle Rose
Seiyosakan 西洋茶館
Cafe Ann Doll カフェ アンドール 本町本店
Grosvenor Cafe グロヴナー・カフェ
The Ritz Carlton リッツカールトン
Tea House Mujica (Dojima) ティーハウス ムジカ 堂島
Hub the English Pub ハブ
The Blarney Stone ザブラーニーストーン


3-chimneys スリーチムニーズ
Mingus カフェ・ド・ミンガス
Grosvenor Cafe グロブナー カフェ
Broadhurst's ブロードハースト
Belle Espace ベル エスパース
The Britannia ザ・ブリタニア
Lolli-Pop 英国カフェ ロリーポップ
Canterbury Tea House カンタベリー・ティーハウス
Cafe do TAMAYO
Queen's Country クイーンズカントリー
Cafe Loadestone カフェローデストン
Marylebone メアリルボーン
The Rose and Crown ザローズ&クラウン堂島
Rupert ルパート
カフェ コンセール

Minaten みなてん 芦屋ラポルテ店2F/みなとのてんらんかい
兵庫県芦屋市船戸町4-1 ラポルテ本館2F
TEL: 0797-38-0361

Dreamton village ドゥリムトン・ビレージ 
社名     株式会社 ドゥリムトン
所在地    〒621-0124 京都府亀岡市西別院町柚原水汲6-1
Tel・Fax (0771) 27-3004

Lots more coming soon!


  1. Mate are any of these places good?
    I have been to some (as you say in the info fake shops) that offer Tonkatsu sandwiches as Enlish or Tea Rooms that offer that crap that you can buy from the vending machines.... Because of this I havent tried that many so would like your input!

    1. Hey, I haven't tried most of them out yet, but will be doing so. Just gathering information now, but will be added as much information, and then sharing across many sites and getting feedback from other people too.

      Honestly, most English style cafes here are very expensive and are only reasonably authentic in terms of the tea and scones. Other dishes and the atmosphere rarely resemble England in any way.

      I do like The Blarney Stone as they have decent pies, fish and chips and beer at good prices.

      I'll definitely let you know if I find anywhere really good.
      I do remember a place in Takarazuka that had a proper full English breakfast. I'll add it up when I find some information.

      Dreamton village in Kameoka looks very promising.
      It is an English village. Check out the site.